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Garrison Goals

student teacher4Goal #1: Curriculum & Instruction

  • Provide a balanced curriculum aligned with Washington State standards that identify the knowledge and skills our students will attain as measured by local, state and federal assessments.
  • Our instruction will provide a variety of strategies and meaningful activities to meet standards as evidenced by adherence to criteria of effective instructional practices.
  • Our curriculum and instruction will stimulate intellectual curiosity, require students to demonstrate that they have learned how to learn, and enable them to become productive citizens as measured on local, state and federal assessments and documented throughout the school year through late start collaboration.

students1Goal #2: School Climate, Students & Community

  • Provide an inviting climate that enables students to enjoy their middle school experience and result in a shared sense of pride in our school as measured by anecdotal information, Trooper Time feedback, student services records and intervention data.
  • The effectiveness of our school is assessed on the basis of the achievement, conduct and character of our students as determined by yearly surveys, student services records, and intervention data.
  • Recognize the importance of establishing effective partnerships with the larger community-parents, neighbors, businesses, government agencies and institutions of higher learning as evidenced by the community's involvement in our school and its related programs.

Goal #3: Technology

  • Decisions are based on design, maintenance and technical support standards for facilities and technology as determined by the board approved ongoing 25-year Facilities Plan and the ongoing three-year Technology and Learning Plan.
  • Technology, media, telecommunications and facilities are integrated into curriculum and instruction, as evidenced by instructional practices, positive surveys and consultant reviews.
  • All members of the learning community (students and staff) are trained to become efficient, productive users of technology and facilities as evidenced by participation in and application of their training.

Garrison Middle School

garrison logo trooper906 Chase Ave.
Walla Walla, WA 99362
Ph) 509-527-3040
Fx) 509-527-3048

Safety Tipline: 855-976-8772